A new game mode is heading to The Division 2 by the end of the year

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Live service games can either be a hit or miss. They have to constantly update with new, exciting content to keep their audiences coming back. The Division 2 is one of those games, and apparently, it’s been doing more thriving than surviving. A blog post to the game’s page announced that the Warlords of New York expansion released last March brought “the highest monthly active users for The Division 2.” However, developer Ubisoft Massive is looking to grow that number by the end of the year. To achieve that, it looks like a new game mode will be heading to The Division 2. It’s just not clear when.

In the same post, Ubisoft Massive mentions that it’s still working on developing new content for The Division 2. Whatever ends up coming to the game, it won’t solely be a product of Massive though. The studio is teaming up with the developers at Ubisoft Bucharest to work on the game. In conjunction, the two studios will be bringing “a game mode that is entirely new” to The Division 2. The update that includes this new mode won’t be arriving anytime soon though. According to the post “The development of this new update is still in its early stages and will take several months to complete.” Currently, it’s slated to arrive late into 2021.


More content in the coming months

While working on that massive update, The Division 2 will go through re-runs of its previous seasons. That means the next season for The Division 2, Season 5, will actually have content from Season 1. While this kind of rehashing may turn away older players, new players to The Division 2 will be able to nab up rewards that they’ve missed. Of course, the game will also continue to add new apparel with Apparel Events and continue to support the game with Title Updates.

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