The Division 2

The Division 2 won’t release to PC until this March, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your boots on the ground before then. Ubisoft has revealed that you can participate in the game’s closed beta a month ahead of launch, and it’s provided details on how you can join in.

The beta begins February 7, and there are two ways to gain access. The first is your most typical when it comes to games of this ilk: pre-ordering. Yes, pre-ordering the game will award you with a key for guaranteed access to the beta. You can, however, test your luck by providing your email at the beta sign-up page at the official site. This will enter you into the running for a chance at a key. If you’re on the fence on pre-ordering the game, this might be worth a shot. But again, no promises. The beta will go for four days, ending on February 11.

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Lock And Pre-Load

From what we’ve seen so far of The Division 2, it doesn’t look to step too far away from the beaten path of the original. You and up to three friends join forces to complete missions in the campaign, and defeating enemies rewards you in showers of loot. Much like other loot-grind games, you build a bigger, more badass character over time. The stronger the enemy, the better the loot. And you basically repeat the steps as you fight for rarer and more powerful equipment.

Like the first game, there are several enemy factions to fight. There are three groups vying for control in the devastated ruins of Washington, D.C. The first of these is The Outcasts, made up of infected survivors who plan on spreading the plague outside the quarantined warzone. There is also a paramilitary group, The True Sons, as well as The Hyenas, who scavenge the wastes.

Of course, being an online-only game, you’ll be able to test your mettle against other players in PvP. Much like the first game, the rarest loot drops like a beacon onto the asphalt. You may have to fight other people for your chance at securing the best gear.

The Division 2 lands on PC on March 16. For more information about the game, head to the official page.

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