The Division datamined to reveal weapons and missions

The Division datamined to reveal weapons and missions

Look away now if you don’t want to know anything about The Division. You have been warned.

An eager fan on Reddit has managed to have a look through the game files to uncover all sorts of goodies ahead of The Division going live and there’s some interesting bits and pieces.

According to the data files the game features 26 missions and based on the time taken to complete missions in the beta, this would bring around 10-12 hours of “mission” gamesplay. That’s assuming they’re all of similar size.

Other data that’s been gathered includes lists of weapons available to players as well as gadgets. A BFG9000 assualt rifle was also found which is a nod to Doom.

The games DLC mission name was also found in the files and will likely include a tank based on the name. Apparently there’s also water planes and a helicopter with mini-guns.

The data that’s been gathered is by no means complete but it offers an insight into what’s coming when it launches. Check out the thread for links to the files with all the details.

There’s also these videos which go over some of the mechanics based on the info discovered so far based on the information that’s been mined.

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