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UbiSoft’s PC releases can be hit or miss but they’re determined to let PC gamers know that the PC version of The Division is special.

To make sure PC gamers know that what they are about to receive won’t be a horrible console port they commented:

“The main goal during the development of the PC version of The Division was to give players the version of the game they wanted. We didn’t want to just port the console version for them, but to instead craft an experience that felt native to PC from the start. A key feature we particularly wanted to address was the navigation through the UI. If you have a mouse and a keyboard, the way you navigate is very different than the navigation with a controller.”

That is good news because there’s no excuse for a horrible console UI and players will also be able to customise a “good portion of the HUD”.

Ubisoft also point out that multiplayer will be platform-specific (PC vs PC), there will be no modding, controller and keyboard/mouse support is included, and Steam friends can be invited into the Uplay friends list.

On graphics, UbiSoft has this to say:

“We wanted to ensure the game ran well, no matter if you were on a laptop or a triple-screened monster computer, and we think we’ve done just that. The key to making a PC game that runs and scales well is to have finely tuned graphics settings, and also to let players dive into the settings and adjust them the way they want. When developing the game, we also worked with different PC hardware manufacturers to bring special features to the game. For example, we have a partnership with Tobii to ensure the game works well with their eye-tracking technology for a more immersive experience.”

UbiSoft are making all the right noises as far as the PC version is concerned but we’ll have to wait until the beta, which starts on 29 January, to see how it pans out. Fingers crossed.

Source: UbiSoft

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