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The Division’s E3 2014 gameplay trailer is all Christmassy

the division

That car door is ripe for hiding behind.

What do you want to do on Christmas Day? Go out in ruined New York and shoot at rival gangs? Okay! That’s pretty much what happens in this E3 2014 gameplay trailer for The Division.

After wandering around the New York subway system for a bit, the team of real players meet up and look for a base of operations. What they find are a whole lot of other angry people with guns. It’s difficult to say how accurately the gameplay is being reflected here, as it’s so early on and the co-op play is obviously “staged” (in a sense) for the video.

After the whole Watch Dogs thing, I’d imagine that The Division probably won’t look quite as outstanding as it does in these early teasers. Surprise us, Ubisoft.

See the five minutes of footage, below. It features the now traditional “hiding behind a car” set-piece that’s become a Division footage favourite.

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