It’s expansion pack time again in The Elder Scrolls Online, which will birth Thieves Guild from the shadows in March. It’ll actually go up on the ‘public test server’ (PTS) next week according to the announcement linked above, but comes to PC with a full launch on 7 March.

Instructions for how existing players can get on the PTS build are included in the link too.

Those who have an Elder Scrolls Online Plus membership won’t be paying anything for this expansion. For everybody else it’ll be up in the store for 2,000 crowns (which, based on my findings, is $20 USD). Although if you want the special camel mount (and other extras), it’ll be 4,000 for the ‘Collector’s Edition’.

Thieves Guild will send players to the desert area of Hew’s Bane, in which the local guild of sneaks and looters is in a bit of a rut. Their last job went sour, so they need a keen-eyed burglar (like your good self) to help them get back on their feet and back to the getting of ill-gotten gains.

The DLC pack promises “a new Thieves Guild passive skill line, new Justice gameplay, hours of new story content and more”. You can see and hear more about that in the accompanying video, below.

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