The essence of Diablo 3 [Video]

If you distill Diablo 3 right down to its core materials, what do you find? Well, lines of code, obviously. But a layer or two up from that you find heroes, weapons, loot, monsters and a suitably stirring quest to nudge you into saving the realm.
Blizzard knows that there are a least, oooh, five or six people out there still who don’t know what a Diablo 3 is. This video (below) is for those people.
For everyone else, there’s the IncGamers Diablo 3 launch night special show. Over two hours of special guests, prizes and hot hot Diablo chat will be kicking off at 9pm GMT (that’s 1pm PDT). Head over there and join in the fun.

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    PoE gems are like FF7 materia. With linked slots you can apply modifiers (via support gems) like extra elemental damage to active skills (the regular gems). Multiple links are possible on a single item.