The Evil Within adds 60 FPS support, loses letterboxes

The Evil Within viewing area 1
Hopefully, this will be the last time that The Evil Within looks like this on PC. Hopefully.

A sizeable new patch for The Evil Within aims to fix a lot of the issues PC players have with the game – like adding native 60 FPS support, and giving the option to remove letterboxing. Just in time for Halloween!

The 1.5GB patch adds a framelock option to the menu, letting you choose between a cap of 30 FPS or 60 FPS, as well as giving an option to remove the letterboxes from the screen. This comes along with the promised fixes for the issues caused by running the game at above 30 FPS and fixes to visual issues caused by removing the letterboxing.

That’s the big stuff, but there are a few other bits and bobs tucked away in this monster of a patch. Achievements will now unlock properly even if the console is enabled, so those of us playing the game the way it wasn’t meant to be played can now actually unlock that stuff, and there are a few little fixes to localisation, plus a fix to the game starting in windowed mode the first time it’s run.

I haven’t had a chance to try this stuff out yet, but I very quickly stopped playing The Evil Within because the letterboxing was an utter abomination on the PC monitor. Definitely a horror experience, but probably not in the way Tango Gameworks intended.

The 1.5GB patch should automatically download the next time you sign into Steam.

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