the evil within fov

Oh my goodness you can see everything.

As PC players across the land are discovering, The Evil Within’s approach to FOV is eccentric at best. Anybody who read Tim’s PC impressions piece earlier in the day will know that you’ve either got to put up with some honking great black bars on the screen, or a super narrow FOV which fills half the screen with the protagonist’s arse.

That’s not great, obviously. You’d rather play the game in the manner shown in the screenshot above, right? Happily, there’s now a way to do that. A couple of options, actually, though both require a little bit of PC technical knowledge and confidence. Not much. Just a bit.

The first option for your improved experience with The Evil Within comes from NeoGaf by way of a mysterious FOV mending hero named K-Putt. You can read the full post and see some more comparison screenshots, but in short you need to download CheatEngine and apply K-Putt’s table to it. I’ve never used CheatEngine myself, so I’ve no idea how straightforward that is.

If you’d prefer a simpler (in my view, anyway) option, a chap called Drogean at the Guru3D forum has created a trainer that negates the need for downloading CheatEngine. You can read full details of that option in this forum post (which also contains a link to the screenshot I’ve used up top.)

Basically you need to download and run his trainer from one of the two download options, then use what I assume are these console commands:

1. Run the game with +R_FORCEASPECTRATIO 0 (Optional if you want to disable black bars completely)

2. Press Numpad 8 to enable, and numpad + or – to increase by 2.5 (default is 80fov with r_Forceaspectratio 2.5)

If you don’t know how to unlock the console commands (which also allow you to unlock the frame-rate) here’s how you go about doing that.

I’m unable to confirm how smoothly this all works because I don’t own The Evil Within myself, but I’d imagine Tim might be giving this a try so he may be able to add more info in due course. Use at your own risk and all that.

As is so often the case, it looks like great work being done by the PC community to bring a port into some kind of playable shape.

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