April 21st, 2017

The Evil Within FOV fix released, is somewhat technical

the evil within fov
Oh my goodness you can see everything.

As PC players across the land are discovering, The Evil Within’s approach to FOV is eccentric at best. Anybody who read Tim’s PC impressions piece earlier in the day will know that you’ve either got to put up with some honking great black bars on the screen, or a super narrow FOV which fills half the screen with the protagonist’s arse.

That’s not great, obviously. You’d rather play the game in the manner shown in the screenshot above, right? Happily, there’s now a way to do that. A couple of options, actually, though both require a little bit of PC technical knowledge and confidence. Not much. Just a bit.

The first option for your improved experience with The Evil Within comes from NeoGaf by way of a mysterious FOV mending hero named K-Putt. You can read the full post and see some more comparison screenshots, but in short you need to download CheatEngine and apply K-Putt’s table to it. I’ve never used CheatEngine myself, so I’ve no idea how straightforward that is.

If you’d prefer a simpler (in my view, anyway) option, a chap called Drogean at the Guru3D forum has created a trainer that negates the need for downloading CheatEngine. You can read full details of that option in this forum post (which also contains a link to the screenshot I’ve used up top.)

Basically you need to download and run his trainer from one of the two download options, then use what I assume are these console commands:

1. Run the game with +R_FORCEASPECTRATIO 0 (Optional if you want to disable black bars completely)

2. Press Numpad 8 to enable, and numpad + or – to increase by 2.5 (default is 80fov with r_Forceaspectratio 2.5)

If you don’t know how to unlock the console commands (which also allow you to unlock the frame-rate) here’s how you go about doing that.

I’m unable to confirm how smoothly this all works because I don’t own The Evil Within myself, but I’d imagine Tim might be giving this a try so he may be able to add more info in due course. Use at your own risk and all that.

As is so often the case, it looks like great work being done by the PC community to bring a port into some kind of playable shape.

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    • Journey Silius

      Ya the FOV fix works, thanks. I used the first method, which is almost the same as the 2nd method. For the 2nd method you still have to download & install CheatEngine because his .exe uses CheatEngine… so why even bother using a 2nd EXE ontop of already using a program? So i just opened the “EvilWithin.CT” table in CheatEngine after selecting the EvilWithin.exe (while game is running), then clicked FOV option, tabbed back into game and pressed + on keypad about 8 to 10 times, it came out to around 90 FOV as shown back in CheatEngine, but it still felt a little close (even though its now exactly how the default game FOV is with black bars) but out in the farm area in level 2 i believe it still felt my character was a bit too close to the screen so i increased FOV to around 100 which felt much more natural. Im using 16:9 resolution btw.

      Now my only other problem is the game crashes randomly sometimes. I have more than needed for Ultra settings in all games, and this one runs super smooth on Ultra settings too, but just very very random nonsensical crashes sometimes to desktop. Only game which does this for me, so Im guessing its an issue with the game. If they can only release a fix for this now… 😉

      • Tim McDonald

        Oh thank god this exists. I’m going to have to try this immediately, because I was finding it genuinely impossible to play this.

        I’m also getting a fair few crashes. Are you running in 60fps? Part of me is assuming that might be why, but I refuse to play it in 30, so…

        • Journey Silius

          Hi Tim, after more searching, i discovered on a forum that a lot of people are having the random crashes because of none other than the Steam Overlay GUI. A game thats released on steam… that doesnt work with the damn GUI. Wow! Just wow. But yeah after disabling the overlay in properties my game hasnt crashed in hours. Hope this helps you too.

          • Tim McDonald

            I’ll give it a try, thanks! This wouldn’t be the first time the Steam overlay has caused some issues with recent games, unfortunately.

    • USMC03Vet

      This is so ridiculous PC gamers have to jump through these hoops to get standard display settings on a full priced game….

      Guess I’ll wait until they release a patch.

      • Durka Durka

        To be fair this is a japanesse gamse aimed at the consoles we are lucky to get this let alone adress the fps lock and black bars before release.

        • USMC03Vet

          Luck has nothing to do with it. It’s a commercial product. Paying a $60 premium for it should equate to standard features available for the platform. Quit excusing lazy developers.

          • Durka Durka

            agreed pay 40$ .

            I am not excusing lazy developers i am excusing a small japanesse studio who doesnt have the fist clue how to make games on pc on a heavillly modified engine.

    • Stephen Smith

      If someone hasn’t said it yet, just go get Flawless Widescreen. It applies these fixes and more automatically, this is overly complicated and silly.

    • Jona

      That screenshot looks like shit, I’ll take the original artistic vision cheers.