The Evil Within corridor

Some questionable interior decorating, there.

Bethesda is letting everybody have a go at (some of) The Evil Within this Halloween, announcing that a PC demo will be available from today. Indeed, it appears to already be up. If you hop over to The Evil Within’s Steam page you should see a ‘Download Demo’ button to the right of the usual purchasing options.

According to the announcement, you’ll be able to play through the first three chapters of the game. If you then decide to buy the full title, you’ll be able to pick up your progress from where you saved in the demo.

In addition to that, Bethesda will throw in a copy of Call of Cthulhu and take 50% off the usual price of The Evil Within’s season pass.

If you already own The Evil Within on Steam, Bethesda says it’ll be giving you a freebie Call of Cthulhu too. Those who already own the season pass will be giving mysterious “special offers on other Bethesda titles.”

Presumably the demo will take advantage of the newly released patch, which adds an official option for playing the Tango Gameworks title at 60fps (previously you had to unlock this via console commands) and removes the aspect ratio which added black bars to the screen by default.

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