The Evil Within screens show us The Consequence

A batch of new screens for The Evil Within‘s second DLC episode show us The Consequence of playing it.

These nine screens show off a pretty good mix of what we can expect from The Consequence, giving us a glimpse of both some more eerie and impossible areas, dingy interiors, and weird enemies. Like a woman with a giant red flashlight on her face. Not quite sure what’s going on with that, but it’s a bit odd.

The Consequence is the second bit of DLC for The Evil Within, once again giving us control of the mysterious Juli Kidman and showing us what she was up to during the events of The Evil Within‘s main campaign. This is the concluding part of her story, with a third DLC episode – as yet undated – giving us the chance to play as the villainous Keeper.

The Consequence appears to be out now, and can be picked up on Steam for £6.99.

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