February 16th, 2017

The Evil Within’s latest trailer focuses on the foes

The Evil Within’s latest trailer focuses on the foes

¬†This latest¬†The Evil Within trailer focuses on the gruesome foes you’ll be taking on.

For once, I’m pretty happy at how many trailers this game is getting because they don’t appear to be spoiling much of relevance – just giving quick glimpses of enemies, weapons, and horrible, horrible murder. This particular trailer mostly focuses on the enemies that will be trying to eviscerate poor Sebastian.

They’re called the Haunted, apparently, and their only goal in life (or undeath?) is to murder the hell out of everything nearby. With limited ammo you’ll have to decide between fighting, running, using traps to take them out, or maybe even using your amazingly named AGONY CROSSBOW to deal with them. There’s also a fond look at the Keeper, a foe formerly known as Boxhead, who will apparently be a recurring enemy throughout, and what appear to be some shots of unique death animations. I’m pleased by this, because I rather like my death animations to actually make sense based on what killed me, rather than just groaning and keeling over after taking a chainsaw to the face.

Also: I just learned that The Evil Within is called Psycho Break in Japan, which is a wonderful, wonderful name.

The Evil Within itself is out on 14 October, which is in just over a week, and I’m really rather looking forward to it.

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