The Evil Within’s latest update is bizarrely huge

The Evil Within run

The Evil Within‘s latest update has one of the most bizarre file-size-to-changes ratio I’ve ever seen. By which I mean it’s 4GB, but it really doesn’t fix much.

Excitement! The Evil Within 1.03 is out. Double excitement! The patch is 4.1GB, so it’s obviously going to feature some major changes. Right? No. Actually, it offers some unspecified “performance optimizations” for higher end GPUs, and a few fixes to achievements. I do not know how this results in a 4.1GB update, but I’m going to guess either lots of the code has been streamlined or there are a number of adjustments to really large files which are now being redownloaded. No idea.

Here are the full patch notes forĀ The Evil Within 1.03, anyway:

  • Performance optimizations on Higher end GPU systems
  • Fix for “The Power of Three” achievement unlocking incorrectly after upgrading the same weapon three times
  • Count-based achievement progress persists when loading earlier saves for some achievements

And that’s your lot. With a bit of luck, those performance updates aren’t just limited to one or two super high-end systems – if these mean a bit of an upgrade for most users then that’s good, but if they really are only down to a couple of specific setups, then that 4.1GB download is a bit harder to swallow.

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