The Falconeer is an upcoming aerial combat game where you pilot a huge bird, taking out various vessels and creatures. It’s set to launch on PC and Xbox this November, headed up by independent developer Tomas Sala. Now, publisher Wired Productions has teamed up with Discord to give players an opportunity at gaining beta access. The Falconeer beta goes live this October, a month before the game’s full release.

To sign-up for the exclusive beta, you must join The Falconeer‘s official Discord channel. From there, you can register your interest to take flight as a Falconeer in the first round of public testing. For now, the beta is exclusive to PC and will be ran through Steam. The closed beta announcement trailer shows us what to expect, and offers another glimpse at the world of The Falconeer.

A mysterious world

In October, the unknown will be revealed as The Falconeer beta sets the path of discovery for players in a large-scale open-world environment. It serves as the backdrop for classic dog-fighting mechanics and aerial immersion. The Falconeer is set within the mysterious and dark, yet hopeful world of The Great Ursee. It features a world populated by fighting factions vying for dominance over sea, land, and sky.

The title also contains RPG elements, so you’ll level skills and learn abilities as you progress through the game’s story. Hopefully, these abilities will have a direct impact on the flight path you take and create meaningful choice. The story is very much a mystery too for the time being, so we’re hopeful that the beta can shed some light on story content. We doubt that The Falconeer beta will reveal too much ahead of the game’s launch, but we’re eager to find out more since the game has been in the making for a while now. The Falconeer launches in full this November, with the beta dropping sometime in October.

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