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The First Descendant Bunny guide: Best build, loadout, weapons, modules, and more

This Bunny can bounce.

So you wanna play Bunny for her strengths and powers in the game, do you? I am totally convinced. If you want to play as the best Bunny you can be in The First Descendant, this is the build guide, including weapons, modules, and loadout.

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Best Bunny build in The First Descendant

All jokes aside, Bunny is actually a fantastic character to play, especially in late game. Her area of effect damage is brilliant for farming, and she has some exceptional speed. Using these benefits that make her so special is what the build is going to focus on. However, if she doesn’t float your boat, there are plenty more characters to unlock.

Best weapons for Bunny

I suggest you equip two weapons to the Bunny build in The First Descendant. Both work with her shockwave attacks and fast playstyle. The two weapons I recommend are Thundercage and Executor.


This weapon is a fast-firing, good-damage SMG that releases a shockwave every time an enemy is killed. It synergises perfectly with Bunnies room clearing AOE special attacks. The fast-firing weapon is also perfect for her dash-and-slash playstyle, leaving you to pick off enemies by the tens. With this build, the damage Bunny can do in The First Descendant is only magnified.

Thunder Cage Bunny Build First Descendant
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Working with Bunnies AOE damage and electricity power, I recommend using the Executor. It works to Bunnie’s advantage as she is incredibly fast and gains power while moving. So, by dashing around and pumping shots with this shotgun into the enemies, she can avoid damage while stacking it with each consecutive hit. The electricity damage only adds to Bunnies’ own with this build.

Executor Bunny Build First Descendant
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Best Bunny Modules

Bunny is a high-speed, high-damage character in The First Descendant, but she suffers from low health. With this build, she can focus on the things that matter and essentially boost the benefits she already has.

Like with any character, it will take time to learn how to play her, but using these modules in your First Descendant Bunny build will certainly make things easier. Getting these mods and getting them upgraded may be a grind, but nobody said this was going to be easy.

Skill NameFunction
Shock PunchAllows for a heavier melee
Nimble FingersSkill Cooldown +
Increased DEFDefence +
Strong MentalitySkill Cost –
Electric MasterSkill power + Electric Skill Power +
Technician Skill Power Modifier +
Skill ExpansionSkill Effect Range +

As you can see, this Bunny build is heavy on skill boosts in The First Descendant. This will allow you to use the shocking effects of Bunny’s specials a lot longer and to greater effect. She really shines at dashing around a room, debilitating enemies.

Best external components for Bunny build

Bunny Build First Descendant Modules
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Defense is the name of the game when it comes to Bunnys’ external component — ahem. You want to be looking for rolls that are going to massively increase both her defense capabilities and HP levels. Sadly, as great as she is in many other aspects, health and defense are not it. So, when putting together your First Descendant Bunny build, these are the best components.

However, when you’re looking for the best reactor for Bunny, I suggest the Tingling Mixture Reactor. This will boost her electric damage output greatly. If you’re looking to make Bunny even better, you should probably start the grind for Ultimate Bunny in The First Descendant.

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