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The First Descendant Bunny Quest guide: Where to find her parents’ records

The only place Bunny wasn't in a hurry to go.

When you unlock Bunny in The First Descendant, you’ll gain access to Follow Their Traces, a questline that is exclusive to Bunny. Here’s how to complete all the missions and how to find out what her parents are up to.

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This is a very long quest that will take you to many regions throughout The First Descendant. It may be worth focusing on this quest line passively as you naturally unlock more of the game through playing it.

Where to find Bunny’s parents’ records in The First Descendant

For the first part of Bunny’s quest in The First Descendant, you’ll be brought across different locations to find three records. I’ll show you where each of them are.

If you haven’t unlocked the region or location to find the journal, then all you’ll need to do is keep clearing main missions until you unlock that area.

Bunny’s parent’s records in the Sterile Land

The First Descendant Journal
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After getting briefed by Alpha on the mission, and once Bunny begrudgingly accepts the mission, you’re tasked with following their traces, starting with the journal that you’re given initially. Their activities lead Bunny to the Restricted Zone in the Sterile Land, where your journey begins.

The game doesn’t help you find the journal entries. However, you are given a clue:
“Faint signals are coming from the cliff close to the facility, near the High-power Jammer in the Restricted Zone.”

In the Restricted Zone, there is a mission called “High-powered Jammer,” and upon the nearest cliff can be found a small blue journal, found exactly where I am in the image below:

The First Descendant Cliff
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once you’ve got the journal, make sure to read it. You’ll have to return to Alpha in Albion in hopes of tracking down more information. He’ll refer you to Nell.

Unfortunately, neither Alpha nor Nell has access to those records, however, she has tracked down the location of the next journal to Vespers in The Ruins, so that’s where we’ll be headed next.

Bunny’s parents’ records in Vespers

The First Descendant Vespers Journal
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After being directed to the Ruins in Vespers, you’ll have to make your way there. You’ll have to had cleared all of the Sterile Land and then defeated the Stunning Beauty to gain access to Vespers. Then, you must clear the first battlefield to gain access to the Ruins.

Once in the Ruins, you can beeline to the first Void Fragment, as that’s where the clue directs us to:
“Faint signals are coming from a high-altitude location somewhere close to the Void Fragment in the Ruins.”

Once you reach the Void Fragment, you’ll notice a ruin behind it. Walk past the columns onto the platform and grapple hook to the very top. Walk to the end of the column and you’ll see the journal on the edge, in this exact spot in the map below:

The First Descendant Bunny Journal
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once you’ve found the journal, read it. You’ll find out that Bunny’s parents were working with Colon, the secret espionage unit. You’ll need to talk to Gley for more information.

Head back to Albion and talk to Gley. She’ll deliver some pretty hard news: They joined the Colon Special Forces to help pioneer a world where Bunny wouldn’t have to worry about any threats or danger.

Bunny presses Gley for anyone who would have information on Colon operations during that time, and it turns out that Sharen had personally worked with them. You must now talk to Sharen who is also in Albion.

Sharen tells Bunny that she doesn’t know as much as we hoped, as she was only a recruit when working with them. She does, however, point you to Echo Swamp after telling you of one operation they handled regarding a stolen Ancestor Relic.

So off to the Derelict Covert in Echo Swamp we go.

Bunny’s parents’ records in Echo Swamp

The First Descendant Bunny Parent Records Tree
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To get to the Echo Swamp, you’ll have to clear all of Vespers, which won’t take too long if you focus exclusively on the main missions. Then, you’ll have to fight the Executioner Colossus. Unfortunately, this journal is found in the final battlefield you’ll unlock in the Echo Swamp, so you’ll have to clear almost all of that, too.

Once you’ve unlocked the Derelict Covert battlefield in Echo Swamp, you can finally look for the journal. Here’s the clue for this area:
“Triangulation results indicate a signal emanating from the northwest end of the Derelict Covert, high above the treetops.”

This one was infuriating to find, but once you know where it is, you can collect it easily. In the north of the Derelict Covert is a mission, called Ghost Marsh. Set a waypoint there and head over.

From this point, you should be able to see a giant tree with a structure around it, to have this view:

The First Descendant Bunny Parent Records
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Up there is the journal. To get there, look to your left. You’ll see a wooden bridge. Walk across it till you get to a little treehouse area. To the right, you’ll see a blue disk that acts as a lift between where you are now and the treehouse with the journal.

Using the disk elevator, you can safely ascend to the large tree. Use your grapple hook to climb up the platforms till you get to the roof with the journal on it, at this location.

The First Descendant Bunny Parent Records Map
Screenshot: PC Invasion

With the journal picked up, you can finally read it to progress. With the journal read, we must now talk to Anais, who was involved in the creation of Bunny’s suit now that we know it’s connected to the relic.

Head back to Albion and talk to Anais. She’ll mention that she can complete the records with components found in the battlefield the event occured in.

So, naturally, we’ll have to go to Agna Desert and secure some Data Chip Fragments.

Thankfully, as we’ve almost completed the Echo Swamp already, Agna Desert won’t take as long to get to. And at least we won’t have to find another journal.

How to finish Bunny’s questline in The First Descendant

Thankfully, the rest of Bunny’s questline in The First Descendant is rather straightforward. It may not be easy, and it’ll be a while till you complete it, but you won’t need to find any more journals.

Instead of taking you through all the other steps, as the quest is guided from this point on, I’ll instead give you a list of the remaining steps so you know what to expect:

  • Beat the Void Fusion Reactor in the Vermilion Wastes in Agna Desert.
  • Beat the Shipment Base: Vulgus Strategic Outpost in Shipment Base in White-night Gulch.
  • Beat the Pyromaniac Void Intercept Battle
  • Speak to Anais to travel to the Abandoned Magister Lab
  • Beat the Abandoned Magister Lab

Naturally, you’ll have to speak to Anais and others in Albion between each step. I’m not going to spoil the rest of the story, but now you know exactly what you have to do.

If any one step is challenging, that’s because you’ve got to get stronger. There’s nothing else to it, I’m afraid.

Now that you know what must be done to complete Bunny’s Quest in The First Descendant, you’ll likely have to get stronger. Make sure you know how to farm all the research materials to make grinding easier.

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