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The First Descendant Codes and Blueprints: How to get and use Amorphous Material Patterns

A Colossal undertaking.

Amorphous Material Patterns are enigmatic items that have the potential to turn into any other item if Reconstructed in The First Descendant, giving you Codes and Blueprints. Let’s go over how it all works.

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How to open Amorphous Material Patterns in The First Descendant

To get Codes and Blueprints in The First Descendant, you need to first open Reconstruct Amorphous Material Patterns, which you can only do at certain Reconstruction Devices. You will only be able to use these Reconstruction Devices after having beaten a specific Colossus in a Void Intercept Battle.

Reconstruction Device In The First Descendant
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This system is effectively an over-glorified mystery box system, although certain Shape Stabilizers can be used to increase the odds of rarer pulls from an Amorphous Material Pattern.

Do note that certain Descendant Codes and Blueprints are to be obtained through completing quests. This will take you on a unique path of acquiring the Codes and Blueprints you need exclusively for that quested Descendant, like Bunny or Freya. The Amorphous Material Patterns will only drop the specific item needed and won’t necessarily be Deconstructed from a device after beating a Colossus.

For the most part, however, you’ll need to get familiar with this system to unlock the other Descendants. I’ll take you through all of these steps individually and with more detail so you will get to know the process thoroughly.

How to get Amorphous Material Patterns in The First Descendant

Some Amorphous Material Patterns are to be earned from beating story missions, and you’ll get a quest pushing you to unlock that specific Descendant.

For the rest, however, you’ll need to go through a lengthy process to get the Descendant you want.

Amorphous Material Patterns are earned as a potential reward from specific special missions. Special operations, like the “Calling of the Descendant” series, or the “Zone Recon Missions” will all provide a different Amorphous Material Pattern.

So if you have a Blueprint or Code in mind, you can search the missions available to you to see if you can earn the specific Amorphous Material Pattern you’ll need.

Acquisition Info For Amorphous Material Pattern In The First Descendant
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You can enquire about which Amorphous Material Pattern you’ll need by looking into the Research menu and pressing “F” when looking over the Code or Blueprint you need. Then, you can cross-reference with the reward pools of the available special missions to see if you can earn the ones you need.

If not, then you’ll need to keep playing through the game until you unlock the special mission that will drop the Amorphous Material Pattern that you want. Keep playing the mission until you get it as a reward, and then you can finally progress to the next step.

How to unlock and beat Colossi in The First Descendant

With the Amorphous Material Pattern that you need in The First Descendant, you’ll have to access a Reconstruction Device to shape it into one of its potential items. And to do that, you need to fight a specific Colossus.

When hovering over the Amorphous Material Pattern, you can press “L” to see which Colossus you need to beat and on what difficulty.

With this knowledge, go into the Void Intercept Battle menu of the right difficulty (accessible from the map in the lower left), and see if you can fight that Colossus. If you can’t, then you’ll have to beat the required quest that will unlock it, mentioned below their name.

Unfortunately, all you can do in this case is continue to play through the main quests until you complete the quest required. Then, you can hop into the fight and defeat the Colossus.

Grave Walker Colossus In The First Descendant
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When the Colossus is defeated, you’ll be able to choose one of the respective Amorphous Material Patterns in your possession to be reconstructed by interacting with the Reconstruction Device that will appear. Note that you can only choose one Amorphous Material Pattern each time.

Here, you can apply a Shape Stabilizer if applicable, and go right to shaping the Amorphous Material Pattern.

Amorphous Material Pattern In The First Descendant
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Then, based on the odds, it will turn into one of the items.

If you didn’t get the Code or Blueprint that you wanted, then you’ll have to repeat this process until you do. At least you would have unlocked everything, so all you need to do is keep beating the same mission and defeating the same Colossus until you get what you want.

If you’re struggling to get what you want from the Amorphous Material Pattern, then you may need to apply a Shape Stabilizer, but only the one that works with the pattern.

How to get Shape Stabilizers in The First Descendant

Shape Stabilizers in The First Descendant can improve the odds of getting rarer items from Amorphous Material Patterns, making them very valuable.

Each material pattern requires a specific Shape Stabilizer, and you can see this information when hovering over the Amorphous Material Pattern and scrolling down. If you press “K,” you’ll also get a preview of the chance changes.

Shape Stabilizer Effect In The First Descendant
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These Shape Stabilizers can be found as potential rewards from the “Infiltration Operations” (Calling of the Descendant missions) and “Special Operations”. Make sure that the missions you’re completing reward the correct Shape Stabilizer.

The chances of pulling a Shape Stabilizer in The First Descendant are super rare, with some drop rates being as low as 0.4%. Note that the Special Operation missions are much more rewarding with these items, so it may be worth to grind them out if you need them.

Now that you know all about Amorphous Material Patterns in The First Descendant, you can finally make strides to unlocking the Descendant or Weapon that you want. Just don’t forget that you’ll need a lot of Gold for all that researching…

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