The First Templar Announced

Kalypso Media has announced the development of The First Templar for Xbox 360 and PC.

The game, in development with Bulgarian studio Haemimont Games, tells the story of a French Templar and a noble woman who has been pronounced a heretic. The two unlikely allies will uncover the mysteries at the heart  of the Templar order and find themselves in the centre of a grand conspiracy involving the Holy Grail.We suspect they’ll earn a grudging respect for each other, the Templar will be one week from retirement and the Captain will repeatedly chew them out for their screwball antics. Or not.

The game willl apparently sport drop in/out co-op gameplay, the option to switch between characters in single player, RPG-style character development and a “rich, historical game-world” featuring 20 historically accurate 13th century locations.

The First Templar is due for release in Q1 2011.