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Ready for a little time-loop murder mystery this winter? Then Modern Storyteller has you covered with The Forgotten City. Based on the critically acclaimed mod for Skyrim that’s become such a massive hit (over two million downloads!), it’s finally set to get its own separate release from the team. Working alongside the publisher at Dear Villagers, it promises to be worth the wait.

What’s The Forgotten City all about?

In the game, players will leap through time and see what brought the city and its people to their knees in devastation. But the trick is that they’ll experience it multiple times in an endless loop. It’s up to you to find information and collect “items of intrigue” with the help of some time travel. You’ll have to break through issues of morality, modern society, and humanism along the way, with your decisions having devastating results. Finding your way through this mystery will yield the game’s many endings.

The managing director and founder of Modern Storyteller, Nick Pearce, reflected on the game’s upcoming release. He wanted to make the game a “meaningful, personal and rich” experience, one filled with the kind of detail to reward players that dig in.

With the help of Dear Villagers, he feels the experience has been “an incredible boon, allowing me to focus on a world and narrative more detailed than I ever imagined when working on the mod.”

More details are available on the Steam page, though the game doesn’t currently have a release date. However, curious players are welcome to add it to their wishlist, especially if they couldn’t get enough of the mod. The trailer gives you a good idea of the spooky atmosphere in store.

Will you fight your way through the game’s many emotions and fight to save the city? Or is it too late? It’s totally up to you.

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