The Game Awards 2018

The Game Awards will once again caress our glazed-over eyeballs tomorrow evening. There will be more than 10 new games revealed with trailers in tow. No doubt we’ll bear witness to some awesome content, undeserving accolades, and a few awards handed off-screen while we watch an ad for cheesy snacks or some shit. It’ll be entertaining, either way. Will it be as entertaining as Josef “Fuck the Oscars” Fares? Maybe. We’ll have to watch to find out. Here is everything we know (and some things we don’t) about tomorrow’s event.

Before that, though, make sure to cast your vote for your chosen games before the show begins. There are 30 categories to consider, consisting of Game of the Year, Best Ongoing Game, Best Action Game, and many others. It’s not just about the most impactful games this year, either. There are also categories for Best Esports Player, Best Esports Team, and a new one, Content Creator of the Year, which replaces the award for Trending Gamer.

There are some sure-fire games in the list. Naturally, a lot of people have some high hopes for games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and God of War. But we shouldn’t count out Fortnite, which should win something — like most aggravating dance craze phenomenon according to parents. Also, we shouldn’t forget about indies like Return of the Obra Dinn or Dead Cells. Both are strong competitors for Best Indie Game.

When And Where

The Game Awards 2018 will begin starting 5:30 PM PST. For those outside North America, those times are as follows: in London, it begins 1:30 AM on Friday; in Russia, it starts 3:30 AM on Friday; and for Japan, it begins 10:30 AM on Friday. There are more times listed at the official site.

You can watch the show from multiple sources. On PC, it will broadcast on YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Steam, and a few choice others. Scrolling down on the How to Watch page at the official website lists the other platforms.

Game Awards Times

What We Know

As stated, the show will debut more than 10 games. We don’t know exactly what all of them are or how many, but we do know of a few. Obsidian, fresh off its purchase by Microsoft, is going to show off its newest RPG. The game is spearheaded by veteran Fallout designers Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky, who are taking their love of retro-future themes to this soon-to-be-known game.

Ubisoft is unveiling a new Far Cry game. Most likely following the story of Far Cry 5, the next game brings some new changes to the mix. For one, it won’t be on a tropical island. What a shocker! Also, it will apparently take place in some post-apocalyptic future with Mad Max-style weapons. We received a teaser for it earlier today, so be sure to check it out before the show.

The Rumors

It’s rumored that BioWare will finally throw back the curtain on the next Dragon Age. Last week, BioWare bossman Casey Hudson hinted that we should “Look for more [Dragon Age news] in the coming month (though I won’t tell you where to look…).” It’s The Game Awards. It has to be.

Another rumor also says that we’ll see the reveal of a new Alien game. Game Awards host Geoff Keighley dropped a peculiar image on Twitter early in November, with the tagline “Worlds Will Change.” Some people are speculating that the tagline, as well as the “W” in the picture, are nods to Weyland-Yutani, a fictional corporation in the Alien universe that uses the slogan, “Building Better Worlds.” According to a trademark, the game is coming from 20th Century Fox and will be called Alien: Blackout. Hideo Kojima is also involved, apparently. He recently posted pictures of himself next to an Alien logo and egg at 20th Century Fox to Twitter.

Far Cry Apocalypse Teaser Weapon

The next Far Cry will appear during The Game Awards this Thursday.

What We Don’t

There is a lot we don’t know in regard to the other games. Not all the reveals will be specifically for the PC, after all. As it stands, we’ve only written above about the only games that should hit our platform of choice. There are sure to be some console game reveals, which should coincide a visit by Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime. Also expected at the show is Death Stranding. We can’t wait to be paid another visit by that particular god of confusion.

We were hoping for some hint or clue regarding Rocksteady’s next game. But it won’t happen this year. A recent rumor hinted that the company that gave us the spectacular Batman: Arkham series was working on a Superman game. Alas, that info was false, as Sefton Hill, co-founder of Rocksteady, was quick to squash the rumor on Twitter. He also said the next game has nothing to do with Superman (thank god).

No matter what comes, there should be plenty to talk about over the next few days. We’ll be covering the entire show once it begins, posting news and trailers as they come. Be sure to check back tomorrow for our coverage of The Game Awards.

Cameron Woolsey
Cam has been shooting for high scores since his days playing on the Atari 2600. Proud member of the Blue Team during the first console war, and has more Sonic paraphernalia than he cares to admit.

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