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Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney fans outside of Japan will soon be able to head back in time with The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles on Steam, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. This two-game bundle follows Wright’s ancestor, Ryunosuke Naruhodo, on his journey to become a great lawyer during the turn of the 20th century. After several years of exclusivity in Japan, The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures and The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve will hit Steam worldwide on July 27.

Capcom announced today that The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles combines the original 2015 Ace Attorney game and its 2017 sequel for 10 wild adventures. Naruhodo is just starting out as a lawyer. It’s up to players to solve cases and build his credibility. Between his adventures in Japan and Victorian England, Naruhodo will receive help from the ultimate detective, Sherlock Holmes — er, rather, Herlock Sholmes. Along the way, players can meet a huge cast of crazy supporting characters.


A detailed gameplay trailer showcases some of Naruhodo’s adventures. Players investigate crime scenes, interview witnesses, and gather evidence for the trial in each case. The English courtrooms will operate a bit differently than the Japanese ones, but it’s nothing a great lawyer can’t handle. There’s even a new Story Mode feature for those who just want to watch the action unfold without all the lawyer work. Check out the full trailer below.

From the vaults

Those who pre-order the new bundle will receive some additional content. The “From the Vaults” DLC includes 25 exclusive art pieces, as well as 29 extra musical arrangements. However, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles DLC bonus is only available on Steam until September 1, so grab it while you can. In addition to the standalone bundle, fans can purchase the Ace Attorney Turnabout Collection. This bundle includes The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles and the full Phoenix Wright trilogy. By the end of those five games, you’ll really be an ace attorney.

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