Steam Halloween Sale 2021 Is Live Discounts

As previously revealed, the Steam Halloween Sale 2021 goes live today, with discounts on hundreds of games. Now would be an ideal time to check your wishlist, as you may have something in there at a reduced cost. The sale runs today and lasts until November 1, which means you don’t have long to choose this time.

Many Steam sales generally go for a couple weeks, so the pressure is on. The Steam Halloween Sale 2021 is, of course, bringing discounts for horror games, and even features a header to let you choose between good, old-fashioned horror or just “spooky themes.” You also have a “Just for you” section that curates games based on your play history. Of course, there’s a selection for “Not Horror” if you’re simply not into the scares. That’s fine, too.


But the horror games are what’s on display at the Steam Store. Games like Little Nightmares II and Soma are featured. For the former, that one is going for 75% off — or $4.99 USD. It’s a pretty good deal, in my opinion. I reviewed the game earlier in the year, and thought it was quite excellent.

steam halloween sale 2021 game discounts

If not a little creepy.

Steam Halloween Sale 2021 — game discounts, and not much else

Unlike some recent Steam sales, it doesn’t seem Valve has prepared any minigames. Earlier in the year, the Steam Summer Sale included a cute, little minigame that offered rewards like themes on completion. I’ve looked around, and I haven’t noticed one for the Halloween event. Of course, I could be completely missing it. But I think this time we’re just getting the discounts.

There are Halloween-themed items in the Steam Points Shop, however. The Halloween Sale items include animated avatars, mini-profile backgrounds, and animated stickers. It’s slim pickings, but it’s not nothing.

We have two more Steam sales coming up. The Autumn Sale begins on November 24, and the Winter Sale starts on December 22.

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