Chivalry 2 Open Beta

People are still murdering each other with swords in Chivalry 2, so it’s only appropriate that the game is receiving yet another post-launch patch. Following up the delayed 2.0.1 patch that dropped recently, patch 2.1.0, aka The House Galencourt update, is adding even more content to Chivalry 2, alongside a host of new fixes and the return of the beloved Arrow Cam. There’s even a new playable character, plus some new voices, which will be helpful if anyone’s already getting sick of listening to the same voice samples time and again. You can only listen to someone say the same thing so many times, after all.

The biggest things coming to Chivalry 2 in patch 2.1.0 are undoubtedly the new maps and new mode. The first new map is The Desecration of Galencourt, which is a team objective map, while the second is the Courtyard, a new free-for-all/team deathmatch map. Then there’s the all-new game mode, Arena. This puts players on two teams of three, and the first team to win five rounds will be victorious. Arena mode also contains special map variants for fighting pit, tournament grounds, and courtyard. You’ll be able to kill your friends (and strangers) in plenty of new situations.


Chivalry 2 patch 2.1.0 brings the House Galencourt update

That’s not all for the new stuff, though. Arrow Cam has returned to Chivalry 2, and can be used alongside any throwable. You’ll also find new female armor skins, new weapon and shield skins, new female character voices, monks as a playable character, and even new carryable items. On top of all that, there have been improvements to parties, matchmaking, performance, combat, animations, maps and more. There’s even a new main menu and play menus. Go here if you’d like to see the massive changelist in all its glory before you jump into the fray and die a little more.

Chivalry 2 Firing Bow Capture Town Square

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