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Neocore’s game has launched and it’s not gone completely to plan. They’re on the case though.

Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2 has been available for just over a day and sadly the launch has not gone smoothly for everyone. When Peter started playing the review build a week or so ago he was concerned at some of the problems he discovered. Neocore were constantly updating the build right up to release and it was clear they were pushing hard to get the game ready. According to Peter the game really started to shape up a day  or so before launch and Neocore were cutting it fine for release.

So far the game has fallen foul to crashing issues and character imports not working as intended and it’s has left some players a little frustrated. Players have been wondering what the beta test version was for if bugs slipped through in the release version. During the move from beta to v1.0 there must have been significant changes which fits in with Peter’s comments over the past week.

When a small development team such as Neocore releases a game on Steam, more often than not the game launches with quite a few issues. While it’s not really an excuse, it is a consideration and Steam customers who are complaining about this release and requesting refunds for the game should know how this usually plays out and calm down. In this case Neocore are working on resolving the problems and have not disappeared on a week’s holiday in the Caribbean spending all your Steam money.

This evening numerous hotfixes are being applied to the game and an initial list of things to try are as follows:

  • Install everything here: E:SteamLibrarySteamAppscommonThe Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II_CommonRedist and InstallUtils folders. They have solved some issues with both crashing and performance.
  • Update video drivers
  • Use regeditor (type “regedit” to the run field at windows desktop start menu), navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareNeoCore GamesVan Helsing 2Options and change measurehardwareperformance to 0. It has solved crashing issues for some of our users
  • Verify game integrity: it has solves installation, corrupted files and other problems
  • Run the game directly from the installation folder (not from Steam), try both versions (x86, x64): it has solved performance and sound issues for some users
  • Reinstall the game
  •  Disable your antivirus program if you encounter missing executables error, and put your installation folder in the exceptions. It has solved problems for Norton users.

The latest update from Neocore late this evening reads:

If you have already started the game, please exit and wait for Steam to update (restart Steam if needed, as we are applying some crucial hotfixes to the game. These are small in size, so don’t worry, we just want to give a better hunting experience 😛

Update May 23: Import should work properly, and the game won’t save during cutscene

For more on the game read Peter’s review.

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