The Last Of Us Part I Trailer

With the remake of The Last of Us: Part I comes the highly anticipated release to PC. The popular Naughty Dog game has been absent from PC for too long, and there are, without a doubt, a whole host of players eager to play it on their favorite platform. The scope for improved graphics, buttery smooth framerate, and, god forbid, modding, makes this release an eagerly awaited one in the community. With the release of the latest The Last of Us: Part I trailer, we can see what kind of features the game will have for PC.

The Last of Us: Part I trailer details features coming to the PC port

The power available when a game is ported to PC leaves a studio with a lot more options to play with. For the most part, the video showcases a few of the experience-enhancing game options that have been added. The Last of Us: Part I trailer also shows footage from the game’s Left Behind expansion, which covered Ellie’s life before Joel.

Ultra-wide support

For fans of serious immersion, ultra-wide support is included in the PC port of the game. PC players are able to broaden their screens to, sometimes, obscene widths with either ultra-wide monitors or monitor linking. Having clickers creep up on you from deep in the peripherals will only make the experience more terrifying.

3D Audio

When ammo is as scarce as it is in The Last of Us, you’ll be thankful for the ability to pick out enemies with just your ears. 3D Audio on headphones is a benefit you never really appreciate until you first try it. Once you’ve experienced it, playing without it is unimaginable. The Last of Us: Part I trailer shows us just how immersive the game will be.

Photo mode

Make the most of the beautifully remodeled textures, expressions, and engine use with a dedicated and detailed photo mode.

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