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The Medium finally received a release date earlier this month, and should arrive in December. We’re looking forward to this one, as we found last year’s Layers of Fear 2 to be quite enjoyable. However, one aspect of Bloober Team’s upcoming horror game we still haven’t fully wrapped our heads around is Dual Reality. The Dual Reality mechanic has been touted as the big feature for The Medium, even prompting its next gen console exclusivity. Thankfully, the developer has gone into a little more detail about the mechanic.

About two thirds of the game will be spent in one of two realities. These consist of the normal world (whatever that means in 2020), and a more sinister realm. Think the upside down from Stranger Things or pretty much anything with another, darker reality. That’s straight forward enough, but the other third of the game is where Dual Reality in The Medium could get real interesting. Here, both realities run simultaneously, allowing the player to essentially control two versions of the game at once.

One is the other

Bloober Team says that the spirit version of yourself is just that, and you’ll be controlling the real world version first. However, your place in the spirit world mirrors that of real life, opening up some cross-dimensional puzzle solving. It won’t all be half and half either, as depending on the situation, one world can take up more of the screen. Your character’s “gifts” are essential to progress, as they help navigate both worlds at the same time. The tech behind this feature is impressive, and we’re left wondering what implications it has for the story.

The Medium launches on December 10, making it one of the last big releases of the year. It’s missing out on all of the Halloween buzz, but there’s plenty to go at for spooky season anyway. When it does launch in December, The Medium will be available for PC on Steam, the Microsoft Store and the Epic Games Store.

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