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The new Forza Motorsport mastery system will help players with their cornering skills

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Taking corners well is an essential part of getting good times and nabbing pole position when circuit racing. The upcoming reboot of Forza Motorsport will contain, among a lot of other features, some help in this regard. Turn 10 has stated that its implementing a new mastery system that will allow players to really hone in some of their cornering skills of Forza Motorsport.

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As mentioned in a tweet from the official Forza Motorsport Twitter account, the new racing sim will feature what’s being referred to as a “corner mastery system.” This will focus on practice sessions on the “trickiest areas of the track,” allowing players to sharpen their abilities.

The interesting thing about this new system is that it just won’t be a series of simple, mundane training sessions. Turn 10 mentions that it’s making this feature more “social.” It’s akin to a live leaderboard system where players have some cornering competition by trying to out-do each other’s scores.

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As far as to exactly how the mechanics of how all of this will work, the studio has not yet mentioned. Still, it lines up with the various other social aspects that Forza titles have been implementing for a while now, especially in the case of Forza Horizon. In that more arcadey branch of the franchise, various aspects of the experience are tracked and displayed as a form of soft competition between friends. This encourages players to keep coming back to make sure their scores remain high; it’s a very interesting way to encourage consistent engagement.

The new corner mastery system in the upcoming Forza Motorsport may very well function in a similar vein, in addition to serving as a training mechanic.

Forza Motorsport is set to launch sometime in spring 2023. It’s set to feature a slew of new features, including dynamic time-of-day system and weather, intricate driving mechanics, a new damage model, and more complex simulation across the board.

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