The New Simcity May Revolutionize The City Building Genre

SimCity 2012

The New SimCity May Revolutionize the City Building Genre

by Menashe

It’s one thing to build a village brick by brick in Minecraft. It’s another thing entirely to build up any type of city, rife with politics and pollution, in the new SimCity which is set to release in February 2013. You can view our gallery of screenshots over here. New features set to improve and expand upon previous SimCity games are:

-an ability to micromanage your citizens

– interconnected cities of different players online that will create something called a ‘region’

– a competitive stats-centered leaderboard called CityLog to help you compare your city to many others across the world

– specific challenges that may mirror real world issues in the latest news

– market trends which will allow you to gain an upper hand over other players if you read the markets correctly

– a new art style that makes use of an artistic perspective called “tilt shift” that will make you feel like you’re playing with a model train set

– cross play between PC and Mac users

– lots of disasters to add pizzazz to your game experience


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