Anno Online

Ubisoft sends through word that free-to-play, browser-based city builder Anno Online is now in open beta for North America and all “English speaking countries.” I wonder how they quantify that? Does your nation have to officially speak English to be included, or is it fine if just enough of the population speak the language?

I have no idea. Find out if you’re able to sign up by going here. You’ll also need a Uplay account (sorry.)

Anno Online may or may not be set in any specific time period. The launch trailer (below) speaks about ‘The New World,’ so that clue combined with how the buildings look would put it around the 15th or 16th Century, I think.

Players who took part in the closed beta will not have their accounts wiped, and will receive a virtual ‘deco statue’ as thanks for taking part. In addition, beta players who continue on with the game through its first week will get a fancy virtual ship that can carry more cargo. You’ll probably need that to fit all of your microtransactions in.

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