It was recently announced that Black Tusk Studios would be making the next Gears of War game for the Xbox One. Many fans saw this as being similar to the time Bungie handed Halo over to 343 Industries who went on to make the excellent Halo 4. It seems this similarity has not been lost on Black Tusk Studios general manager Rod Fergusson.

“It’s a great model,” Fergusson told Official Xbox Magazine. “I would be lying if we didn’t say that was an interesting model to look at and I feel, as a fan of the Halo series, they were successful with Halo 4.”

Fergusson was anxious to make it clear that Black Tusk would not be making any big changes to the franchise until they had a firm grasp on what makes the existing Gears so good. “That’s going to be our big focus, doing right by the fans and the community to show that Black Tusk understands Gears. You have to do it right before you do it differently.”

The folks at Black Tusk Studios seem hugely excited to be working on the next installment in the Gears franchise and this is certainly a game to watch out for if you’ve got yourself an Xbox One. Will it be as successful as 343’s Halo 4 or will it fall short? Only time can tell.

Source: TotalXbox

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