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You may remember that many moons ago, yes, before 2020 hit, The Outer Worlds released on PC. As is not unusual these days, the game had a timed exclusivity period on the Epic Games Store, as well as the Microsoft Store. Well, The Outer Worlds has now hit Steam and GOG if you prefer to pick your games up there, and there’s a nice “launch” discount.

For the game’s second bite at the cherry, it’s on a 50% launch discount. For two weeks, the game will set you back $30 USD instead of the usual $60 on both Steam and GOG. While this is a good chunk off of the launch price, The Outer Worlds is now a year old. This kind of offer is expected and meant to entice a second wave of buyers. This isn’t a complete edition though, so any released DLC will have to be picked up separately.

For those unaware, The Outer Worlds is a large, open-world RPG from the Fallout: New Vegas team. The difference is that The Outer Worlds features a more spacey and futuristic spin on things, placing you in a world run (rather poorly) by mega corporations. From there, The Outer Worlds sticks to what New Vegas did well, which is offering plenty of player choices and branching narratives to explore.

Damage limitation

When we reviewed the game last year, we enjoyed our time with it. However, we put all of its player choice systems to the test, and certainly found some limitations. Just like Fallout, parts of the gameplay were only serviceable as well, a point that held The Outer Worlds back from outdoing its Fallout lineage. More recently, we spent some time with the game’s first major DLC pack. The Peril on Gorgon expansion added a new planet to explore, and while the DLC tackled similar themes to the main game, it served as an enjoyable side story.

The Outer Worlds is out now on Steam and GOG, with a 50% discount that runs until November 6.

Outer Worlds Peril On Gorgon Synthesis And Manufactory

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