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Supermassive Games, the developer behind Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology, has created a whopping 186 endings for The Quarry. This was confirmed in an interview with IGN, where director Will Byles talked about The Quarry‘s ever-changing narrative. In the discussion, he stated, “We worked out 186 different endings for those characters.”

The choices that each of the nine characters make will influence the ending in many ways. And if you’ve played any of Supermassive’s previous titles, you know how it all works. Players can make choices in the game that change certain events throughout the story. This ultimately allows the narrative to differ massively from person to person.


It’s all up to you

Until Dawn played out in a very similar way. In that game, there were eight characters who were all trying to survive a deadly series of events. Your choices would impact who lived and who died, sometimes in rather unexpected ways. In terms of Until Dawn‘s endings, there were only a handful of drastically different outcomes. However, these endings still differed slightly depending on who survived. Supermassive Games’ fondness for multiple endings can also be seen in House of Ashes.

While Until Dawn was impressive in the way it managed to weave together a branching storyline, The Quarry seems to be taking it further. Some choices will have a much bigger impact on the overarching plot, while other choices can affect the relationships between characters.

The Quarry endings

As there’s so much variation, a lot of work had to go into creating these scenes. In fact, Byles said that they had to “shoot 50 pages a day, which is unheard of. It’s a mad amount of footage.” Actors had to perform several variations of each scene to account for the different branches the player could encounter. It certainly looks like it took a huge amount of work. And if The Quarry truly does have 186 distinct endings, it could make discussions about its story very interesting.

The Quarry is making its way to players on June 10 via Steam.

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