The Quarry Breaker Puzzle Jacob Cage Werewolf Chapter 8

In games that are heavily reliant on narrative and choice, one false move could spell a character’s doom. In The Quarry, there are plenty of these moments and one, in particular, gives you two chances before you completely fail. Here’s our breaker puzzle guide for The Quarry to help you free Jacob from the cage during Chapter 8.

Note: For more information, check out our guides and features hub for The Quarry. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains major spoilers.


The Quarry breaker puzzle guide – How to free Jacob from the cage in Chapter 8

The breaker puzzle in The Quarry is encountered halfway through Chapter 8. You control Ryan who, alongside Laura, will have to explore the cellar of Hackett House. At the far end of the corridor, you’ll see red light emanating from a room. Don’t go there yet since you can still pick up The Emperor and The Empress Tarot Cards.

When you’re ready, head inside for a cutscene. The duo will see Jacob trapped inside a cage. But, there’s also a werewolf in the opposite corner.

Note: When the prompt appears to “Stop Laura,” make sure you press the button. Otherwise, she’ll shoot the werewolf who, unbeknownst to you, is actually Nick.

Tqry Ch8 Brkcg Jc 1

In any case, Jacob will ask you to free him. You can accept or decline, but, since this is our breaker puzzle guide for The Quarry, we’ll go ahead and help him out. Here are the possible outcomes (you’ll need to pull two breakers to see a particular result):

  • Pick #1 and #2 to open Jacob’s cage. Then, choose #1 and #4 to open the middle door. You’ll be able to free Jacob.

The Quarry Breaker Puzzle Jacob Cage Werewolf Chapter 8 1

  • Picking #3 and #4 opens Werewolf Nick’s cage.
    • If you open the middle door, the werewolf will attempt to escape, but Laura shuts the electrified gate. However, this will cause Travis to appear, progressing the chapter further.
    • If you open Jacob’s cage, the monster will kill him.
  • Picking other combinations (i.e., #1 and #3) will cause Ryan to get electrocuted. If this happens twice, Ryan will give up. Travis will then appear and the chapter will advance further.

The Quarry Breaker Puzzle Jacob Cage Werewolf Chapter 8 2

Even if you solve the breaker puzzle in The Quarry, don’t pat yourself on the back just because Jacob managed to escape. Other werewolves like Caleb might still be around, which means Jacob will have to contend with them in a QTE sequence.

Lastly, there’s a moment in Chapter 9 when Laura causes the power to short circuit, opening all the cages in the cellar (including Werewolf Nick’s cage). I’m not sure yet, but it might be possible for Jacob to get killed if you left him in his cell. Anyway, for more possible outcomes, you can take a look at our character deaths guide.

Tqry Ch8 Brkcg Jc 2

The Quarry is available via Steam.

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