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Final Girl is one of the achievements in The Quarry. It requires you to ensure that all other playable characters die except for Kaitlyn. There are several specific decisions and actions that you need to make, and one key choice, in particular, has dire ramifications. Here’s The Quarry Final Girl achievement guide to help you keep Kaitlyn alive as the sole survivor.

Note: For more information, check out our guides and features hub for The Quarry. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains major spoilers.


The Quarry Final Girl achievement guide – How to keep Kaitlyn alive as the sole survivor

I would suggest creating backup saves to make it easier for you to get the Final Girl achievement in The Quarry. While it’s true that forcing your characters to get killed wouldn’t be a problem, momentary lapses could still lead to problems. In any case, I’ve outlined the steps that you need to do.

Note: You can make a few changes if you want to get the Last Man Standing achievement with Ryan instead. Lastly, bear in mind that the deaths of the supporting/non-playable characters don’t count.

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Chapter 1: Abigail – This is, by far, one of the most crucial decisions that you need to make, and Kaitlyn isn’t even your active character here. As Abby, choose to “Break In” to enter the cabin. Then, check the corner for the stuffed toy and keep it. This item is extremely important as it kickstarts the “Down the Rabbit Hole” path.

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Chapter 4: Ryan (Jacob’s death) – You’ll be controlling Ryan at the start of this chapter. When prompted, shoot the bushes with the shotgun. After a short conversation with Kaitlyn, the second aim-and-shoot sequence occurs. Let the timer dwindle until you can barely see the figure ahead. Then, fire your weapon. The group will leave, and it’s revealed that Ryan accidentally shot Jacob.

Jacob can also get killed later, specifically when he’s running away from the werewolf in Chapter 6. If you succeed in the QTEs, he’ll get caught in a beartrap. Try to “Pull Free” and fail the QTE so his head gets crushed.

Chapter 4: Emma (Emma’s death) – When Emma reaches the treehouse, there are several choices and QTEs involving the monster. You can open the trapdoor at the start to get her killed immediately. If you chose differently, you can just fail the QTEs.

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Chapter 5: Kaitlyn and Nick – When Bobby (the big hunter) is looking for the group, choose to “Hide.” Successfully pass the QTEs. Then, when it’s Nick’s turn, choose to “Hide” as well. When you’re done with the “Don’t Breathe” minigame, you’re notified of changes to the “Down the Rabbit Hole” path, namely that Abby left the stuffed toy in the kitchen.

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Chapter 6: Abigail (Abby’s death) – When Nick transforms into a werewolf, don’t shoot him. He’ll decapitate Abby.

Chapter 7: Laura – Choose antagonistic responses when talking to Travis. Later, Travis will head inside Laura’s cell as she attempts to trick him. Pass the first QTE to snatch his gun. Then, fail the next sets of QTEs to shoot him. Leave him there and don’t apologize. This will make Travis extremely angry.

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Chapter 8: Laura (Nick’s death) – In the red room with the breaker/cage puzzle, don’t stop Laura from shooting the werewolf. It turns out that the werewolf in the cage was Nick all along.

Chapter 9: Dylan (Dylan’s death) – Dylan will operate the crane in the scrapyard when a werewolf appears down below. You can either “Lift the Car” or “Warn Kaitlyn.” The next two choices will appear. Choose “Sound Horn” to make the creature come to Dylan instead. Then, fail the QTE so he gets killed. Don’t worry about Kaitlyn for now since she’ll be able to run away.

Note: If you choose to “Slam the Car” and fail the QTE, Kaitlyn will get bitten by Caleb. She will be infected once you reach Chapter 10. However, I’m not sure if this will count toward the achievement as she’s, technically, a monster.

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Chapter 9: Ryan (Ryan’s and Laura’s deaths) – Chris will be in werewolf form, killing most of his family members. Laura will also shapeshift and attack Travis.

  • When you have control of Ryan, shoot Chris with the shotgun. This will break the line of his curse and Laura will be human again.
  • Because of Travis’ animosity toward Laura, he’ll end up stabbing her repeatedly.
  • Ryan and Travis will struggle for the shotgun. Fail the QTE and Travis will shoot Ryan.

Chapter 10: Max (Max’s death) – It’s imperative that you kill Chris at the end of Chapter 9, as that will allow Max to revert back into human form. With Max as a playable character, walk to the pier at the starting point of the island (i.e., where Emma first arrived). There, choose “Swim to Shore.” When Max gets to the other side, another werewolf ends up killing him automatically (no QTEs necessary).

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Kaitlyn as the sole survivor for the Final Girl achievement in The Quarry

With all of the above done, that means every playable character, barring Kaitlyn, is dead. You should be ready to get the Final Girl achievement in The Quarry. Here’s what you need to do in the final encounter against Werewolf Caleb:

  • Pass every QTE until Kaitlyn can choose to “Hide” in the kitchen.
  • After the “Don’t Breathe” minigame, choose the “Freezer.”
  • Then, pick “Use Decoy.” Kaitlyn will throw the stuffed toy inside the freezer, and there might be a button-mashing sequence so you can trap Caleb.
  • Since all playable characters are gone and the Hacketts don’t count, Kaitlyn becomes the Final Girl in The Quarry.

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Major problems if you don’t have the stuffed toy

As far as I know, the stuffed toy is the only way for you to distract Caleb. Without it, all other options in the kitchen/freezer will cause Kaitlyn’s demise. In fact, Kaitlyn going inside the freezer without using the decoy will make her freeze to death.

Note: If you use Death Rewind at this stage, it might cause your save to revert all the way back to Chapter 1: Abigail since that is the major factor that determines this outcome.

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The Quarry is available via Steam.

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