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The Quarry: How to get the Last Man Standing achievement

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Last Man Standing is one of the achievements in The Quarry. It requires you to ensure that all other playable characters have died except for Ryan. There are several specific decisions and actions that you need to make, though most of these are fairly straightforward. Here’s The Quarry Last Man Standing achievement guide to help you keep Ryan alive as the sole survivor.

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Note: For more information, check out our guides and features hub for The Quarry. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains major spoilers.


The Quarry Last Man Standing achievement guide – How to keep Ryan alive as the sole survivor

Before we continue, I suggest creating backup saves to make it easier for you to get the Last Man Standing achievement in The Quarry. Moreover, don’t forget that you can attempt the Final Girl achievement with Kaitlyn, too. That one has some very specific decisions/moments, but you could always have a backup save prior to the finale.

Note: Bear in mind that the deaths of the supporting/non-playable characters don’t count.

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Chapter 3: Ryan (werewolf blood vial) – This step is purely optional and it also nets you the Nick of Time achievement. You can do this if you want to see a different ending for Ryan with the epilogue in the forest unlocked.

  • When looking for Nick, choose the “Take Shortcut” options. Successfully complete all the QTEs.
  • When you see Bobby dragging Nick, shoot Bobby. He’ll end up dropping a vial of werewolf blood.

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Chapter 4: Ryan (Jacob’s death) – You’ll be controlling Ryan at the start of this chapter. You’ll have two aim-and-shoot sequences here. For the second sequence, let the timer dwindle until you can barely see the figure ahead. Then, fire your weapon. The group will leave, and it’s revealed that Ryan accidentally shot Jacob.

Chapter 4: Emma (Emma’s death) – There are several choices and QTEs when Emma reaches the treehouse. You can open the trapdoor at the start to get her killed immediately. If you chose differently, you can just fail the QTEs.

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Chapter 6: Abigail (Abby’s death) – When Nick transforms into a werewolf, don’t shoot him so he can decapitate Abby. She has very few deaths in this game, and this is the earliest that it could happen. The others, as far as I know, can only occur if certain characters (i.e., Emma) turn into a werewolf, and that’s going to add another variable that we don’t need.

Chapter 7: Laura – This chapter is very important if you want to keep Ryan alive and ensure Laura’s death. You’ve got two options:

  • No forest epilogue – As Laura, choose hostile responses when talking to Travis. Later, Travis will go inside Laura’s cell. Pass the first QTE to snatch his gun then fail the remaining QTEs. This will cause Laura to accidentally shoot Travis. Leave him there and he’ll be planning his revenge shortly. You’ll see Laura die in Chapter 9.
  • Forest epilogue – As Laura, choose friendly responses when talking to Travis. When Travis enters Laura’s cell, pass all the QTEs. She’ll grab the gun, but she won’t accidentally shoot him. Apologize as you’re leaving and Travis will have second thoughts. You can have Laura die in Chapter 10.

Chapter 8: Laura (Nick’s death) – In the red room with the breaker/cage puzzle, don’t stop Laura from shooting the werewolf. The werewolf is Nick, and this will eliminate him from the equation.

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Chapter 9: Dylan (Dylan’s death) – Dylan will operate the crane in the scrapyard. You can either “Lift the Car” or “Warn Kaitlyn.” The next two choices will appear. Choose “Sound Horn” so the creature heads to Dylan. Fail the QTE here so Dylan gets ripped apart. As for Kaitlyn, don’t worry about her for now.

Chapter 9: Ryan (The stab wound and the bite) – Try to be nice to Laura during conversations. Then, in the basement of Hackett House, succeed in all the QTEs and Don’t Breathe minigames so Ryan can avoid Bobby. When Bobby finally corners him, choose to stab Bobby with the knife. After that, Laura will arrive and offer to bite Ryan to infect him (essentially helping him regenerate). Accept the offer and don’t pull away.

Note: It seems that Ryan dies of blood loss later in the chapter if he’s not bitten by Laura at this exact moment.

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Chapter 9: Ryan (Laura’s death) – Chris will be in werewolf form. While he’s killing his family members, Laura’s infection will worsen and she’ll turn into a werewolf.

  • When you have control of Ryan, shoot Chris with the shotgun to break the curse.
  • If Laura angered Travis in Chapter 7, he’ll stab Laura in human form.
  • Ryan and Travis will struggle for the shotgun. Pass the QTEs here so Ryan survives.

Note: If you want the forest epilogue, and assuming Laura has been nice to Travis, just shoot Chris and watch as the two agree to help each other.

Tqry Lmst Achv Gd 1

Chapter 10: Max (Max’s death) – Killing Chris at the end of Chapter 9 also breaks Max’s curse. With Max as a playable character, walk to the pier at the starting point of the island (i.e., where Emma first arrived). Choose “Swim to Shore” and Max will get killed once he reaches the other side.

Chapter 10: Kaitlyn (Kaitlyn’s death) – Kaitlyn is the only one left in the lodge. Simply fail QTEs so she gets killed by Werewolf Caleb.

Tqry Lmst Achv Gd 2

Ryan as the sole survivor for the Last Man Standing achievement in The Quarry

With the above steps, Ryan will be the only survivor and you’ll get the Last Man Standing achievement in The Quarry. However, there’s an optional path where you also reach the epilogue in the forest. As mentioned earlier, you’ll need the vial of werewolf blood (Chapter 3), and Kaitlyn and Travis need to be allies (Chapter 7 to 9).

Chapter 10: Laura (Laura’s and Travis’ deaths) – There’s a scene where Travis is driving the car with Laura and Ryan inside.

  • Regardless of your choices in the car, you need to pass the QTEs. This prevents the car from crashing (which will automatically kill Ryan).
  • If you do things right, the car will run over Werewolf Silas and the trio will arrive at the forest. Before they head deeper, Ryan will try to give the werewolf blood vial to Laura, but let him keep it.
  • At the ruins of the traveling circus, they’ll see Silas who’s recuperating from his injuries. As Laura, miss your shots or don’t shoot at all.
  • When Silas wakes up, he’ll decapitate both Laura and Travis. However, because Ryan has werewolf blood, Silas will ignore him.

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The Quarry is available via Steam.

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