It’s been a while, but Crysis 2 is finally available through Steam in the form of Crysis 2: Maximum Edition. But why has it taken so long to get here?
The problem with Crysis 2, as well as Dragon Age 2 (both games published by EA), is that it violated Steam’s own rules involving the provision of DLC content. Specifically, both games featured in-game DLC stores – an inclusion that breaks Steam’s terms of service, but not those of EA’s own Origin store.
Crysis 2: Maximum Edition includes all of the game’s DLC and, as such, no longer has a need for an in-game DLC store. Taking the store out now means Steam are happy to sale it. 
“Changes made by Crytek to Crysis 2: Maximum Edition have brought the game back into compliance with Steam’s terms of service,” EA said in a short statement.
It would be interesting if EA made public the numbers of Origin sales (includign DLC) and the future numbers of Steam sales in a bid for us to understand which is the more profitable platform for the publisher.

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