The Red Solstice

The next major update for The Red Solstice is now live and “doubles the gameplay”.

It’s good to see Ironward add female marines to the game today and haven’t come up with some pathetic excuse that they don’t have the resources to add them. The female models were planned for the Early Access launch but were slightly delayed.

The other major addition in this update is a new map called Science Sector which “basically doubles the amount of gameplay available” now that there’s two maps instead of one. The new map features narrower corridors and bigger buildings.

The full update notes are as follows.

New Map: Science Sector

Note: You need to complete the campaign on the Central Sector map to be able to create a game with the Science Sector. However, if the host of the game has already done so, you can still join a game in the Science Sector, even if you haven’t completed the campaign in Central.

The Science Sector features narrow corners, darker alleys and is well decorated (in a way that only the greatest scientists could decorate) with great visuals and a huge reactor in the middle. It’s a massive map that takes about three minutes to traverse from one side to the other… if it wasn’t for all of those monstrous aliens trying to eat your face, of course.

It’s an all-new environment to uncover and master, with more dangerous spawns that have better resistance (or less) to certain types of weapons. Teamwork, as always, is crucial.

New Feature: Female Marines

You can now select female marines by switching your gender in the loadout menu. We’ve added new voices and models to accompany the brave female soldiers who choose to enter the core!

More to Come!

We’re not done yet, of course. We’re working on even bigger updates for the future, with brand new missions and some terrifying new bosses that might have you pooping your pants in terror! IF THEY HAVEN’T EATEN YOUR PANTS ALREADY, THAT IS. Get ready, Marines, and practice, practice, practice.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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