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It’s still a wonder to many that the Resident Evil franchise is still relevant in 2019. Since its debut in 1996, there have been many, many mainline and offshoot titles involving outbreaks and viruses. Most recently, the Resident Evil 2 remake hit the shelves, rekindling that nostalgia for many and showcasing the survival horror that Capcom does best. If you’ve been wanting to delve into the franchise, now might be a good time considering the hefty price cuts on the Steam storefront.

No, Steam, not my wallet!

Valve’s digital storefront has been known to deplete wallets, destroy savings, and litter your game library with games you may never play. The time is now if you’ve been dying to check out the Resident Evil franchise. The entire catalog of Capcom’s flagship franchise is on sale. This includes the most recent reimagining of the 1998 classic, Resident Evil 2. That alone currently sits at 67% off ($19.79 USD) while others, like Resident Evil 7, is $14.99 USD.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Coming back to haunt us

The long-running, Capcom franchise has spanned many generations of gamers. Some, like me, vividly remember playing the originals after release. But some may never get their hands on them. This is one reason why Capcom is continuing to look to the past for a redo on some of its classic games.

Resident Evil 3 is rumored to be the next one to get a complete reskin in the new RE Engine. And, if history tells us anything, we may be looking at a RE 3 remake coming in January of 2020.

The Resident Evil sale is now live on Steam. All titles, including deluxe bundles, all have 50% or more discounts. There are event some skin and content packs that have discounts, although others do not. Classics, like Resident Evil 4, are as cheap as $4.99 USD.

On a personal note, if you decide to play any of them, let that be the one.

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