The Rogue Company Desert Rose update has arrived

Rogue Company Desert Rose

Rogue Company is still in the beta stage. However, the third person shooter continues to deliver brand new content to fans. Also, the last update did not disappoint, adding much needed penalties for leaving matches. Now, the Rogue Company Desert Rose update has arrived. There is a brand new map in the rotation and more new features for players to enjoy.

The new map is called Lockdown. It is described as being located deep in the jungles of Venezuela. The map is a high-security prison and it provides various lines of sight, as well as close combat inside the prison. In addition, the update introduces private matches.

Private matches allow you to customize your own game with a minimum of two players. The host of the match can select the game mode and map and invite players to the lobby. As well as this, players can be moved to different teams using the move feature. At the end of your match, you can start all over again with the play again button.

Make the most of every Rogue

In terms of Rogues, there are now Rogue masteries to unlock various cosmetics. In each versus match, you will gain mastery experience based on how you perform. Consequently, if you play as more than one Rogue in a single match, your experience will be split. As you gain more experience, you will unlock sprays, emotes and more until you earn all 10. In terms of Rogue Reputation and Buck prices, these have been adjusted and now you can unlock Rogues for either 600 Rogue Bucks, or 15,000 Reputation. The Rogues you can now unlock for these prices include Scorch, Talon, and Lancer.

Rogue Company

The ping system is a much needed feature which has finally been released. If you prefer not to use your voice to communicate with your team, this feature will work for you. Now, you are able to call-out to your team using a communication wheel. The phrases include, defend here, group up, and help me. Similarly, you will now have access to various quips, including greetings. These can be accessed in the communication wheel, too.

Rogue Company Desert Rose

Has your favorite Rogue Company weapon been tweaked?

As should be expected, the developers made some general fixes and adjustments also. The Desert Rose update general fixes mainly focus on the existing weapons in Rogue Company. The Arren was buffed to increase the body damage from 28 to 30, and headshot damage from 42 to 45. On the other hand, the HRM30KS was nerfed and now has a 20% vertical recoil effect. As an added note, the recoil pattern drifts to the right side, so take that into consideration. Another important weapon issue that was addressed is aim assist when hipfiring. This has become standardized for each weapon, and now reduces aim assist in combat. An example of this is the hipfire aim assist for the submachine gun, which was decreased from 10 meters to 8.5 meters.

There is no doubt that Rogue Company fans will be eager to jump into the Desert Rose update. It will be interesting to see what else the developers have in store for the future. Perhaps, the Text Chat system will receive further improvements over time.

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