The Room 4 Old Sins Steam Feat

It’s been a long while since I twisted my brain trying to solve a puzzle in The Room Three. As a person who rarely plays mobile games, I haven’t heard of another iteration since then. I’m glad to see that the series from Fireproof Games is still going strong. The developer has slowly pushed its mobile hit puzzle franchise onto Steam over the years. Today, the company has released the fourth game onto Valve’s storefront. The Room 4: Old Sins is available to play on Steam starting now.

I haven’t played The Room 4 yet, but judging by its description and screenshots, it doesn’t look too different from its predecessors. Every game in The Room franchise brought beautiful visuals, an intriguing mystery, and ingenious puzzles with solutions that always delivered that coveted “Ah ha!” moment. There’s really nothing like pouring over a puzzle box, finding that tiny, hidden button, pressing it, and watch the whole thing unfold into something that is at once intimidating and awe-inspiring. The Room games did that, and I’m hoping to get blown away a fourth time with The Room 4: Old Sins.

The Room 4: Old Sins first launched without the numerical ‘4’ back in 2018 on mobile devices. That same year, we saw The Room Three hit Steam, garnering a user rating of Overwhelmingly Positive. And I’m not surprised. Fireproof Games has proven itself many times as the masters of the puzzle genre.

The Room 4: rubbing your chin once more

The Room 4 comes to Steam, but not as a 1:1 port. Fireproof has tweaked the graphics a bit, rebuilding “every shiny object and atmospheric environment” in the game. Textures and items have been touched up, as well as the lighting. Thankfully, all this upgrading won’t tax your system if you’re running a PC that isn’t more than 10 years old. The game requires a 2.8 GHz dual core processor, and a video card with a gigabyte of RAM. Those are some damn small potatoes. And the game still looks gorgeous, regardless.

The Room 4: Old Sins is available on Steam starting today, going for $8.99 USD.

Cameron Woolsey
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