Palworld Oil Rig Secret
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The secret Oil Rig in Palworld: location, preparation, and rewards

I love trespassing.

The secret Oil Rig Stronghold in Palworld is a secret location like the Wildlife Sanctuaries that will offer you amazing rewards – so long as you’re able to withstand the defenses.

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How to get to the secret poacher gang Oil Rig in Palworld

The Oil Rig stronghold, called the poacher gang Oil Rig in Palworld, is a dangerous location that’s heavily defended. To get there, I would recommend you fast travel to the Marsh Island Great Eagle statue and use a water Pal to get there, like Jormuntide.

Oil Rig Palworld Map secret
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I would advise against using a flying Pal as they have anti-air lasers that will shoot down your Pal, and they’re extremely strong. Also, some steps will allow you to walk up once you’ve swam there. Note that the moment you step onto the Oil Rig or enter its airspace, the alarms will go off. No sneaking around this time.

You could use a swimming Pal to close the distance and then use a flying Pal to stay low and zoom around, as you’ll need all the mobility you can get when you enter the Oil Rig. Do note that even at the lowest altitude, the lasers will still target your flying Pals.

Be very careful when revisiting the Oil Rig, as Veteran Gunners and their Pals may be found in the water, ready to gun you down. Whether you’re flying or swimming, you’ll have them to deal with.

When dying, be careful when respawning at Marsh Island to carry on as I’ve had the gunners swim all the way from the Oil Rig to Marsh Island just to fight me. It’s hilarious and I have no idea why they do it, but they do.

Do note that, unlike the Wildlife Sanctuaries, this Oil Rig is run by a gang, and therefore it isn’t against the law to trespass. Although they’ll want you off the property right away.

How to prepare for the secret poacher ganger Oil Rig in Palworld

The enemies in the Oil Rig are over level 50, so make sure every Pal you bring is over level 50, too. Preferably, they’d also have at least a rank and some Pal essences pumped into them to make them that little bit stronger.

You’ll need a Pal to swim with and a Pal to fly with, although if your flying Pal is quick enough, like Jetragon, you may be able to avoid the lasers that will detect you from pretty far away.

Plasteel Armor Palworld secret
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You should wear at least Plasteel armor, and go equipped with the Rocket Launcher and plenty of ammo. There are lots of enemies and Pals there that will quickly overwhelm you, so remaining at a distance with the Rocket Launcher will be key here.

There are other powerful weapons you could bring into the fight, too, like the Laser Rifle or the Gatling Gun, so you have choices.

It could also be recommended to have a Homeward Thundercloud to quickly escape.

With all of this equipment and strong enough Pals, you’ll be ready to head in.

How to raid the secret Oil Rig in Palworld

When raiding the Oil Rig in Palworld, there are a few things you should take note of.

Firstly, the giant lasers can be permanently deactivated if you interact with the console at their bases. The other turrets can’t be deactivated in the same way, but they can be destroyed through regular combat.

Laser Oil Rig Secret Palworld
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Make sure to bee-line your way to the artillery to get them down, even if it’s over the course of a few lives. This will allow you to fly in and will give you an easier time raiding the place in the future.

With the lasers down, you are free to engage with the enemies on the back of a flying mount, just be careful of their own powerful ranged capabilities. This will be a tough fight, so it’s recommended to focus on finding the treasure chests when the defenses are down.

There are only a few treasure chests that spawn randomly on the Oil Rig, so once you’ve found three, make sure to make a swift exit or you will eventually get overwhelmed.

With this strategy in mind, you’ll be able to take all you can get from those poachers with ease.

Pals on the secret Oil Rig in Palworld

Interestingly, no Pals spawn on the Oil Rig, although there are Pals present. This is because the Pals you see on the Oil Rig are the poachers’ own personal Pals, which means you’ll be seeing a variety of strong Pals that will defend their masters.

This list may not be comprehensive, but here are all the Pals that I’ve found to spawn on the Oil Rig in Palworld:

  • Bushi
  • Grizzbolt
  • Wixen
  • Relaxasaurus Lux
  • Gobfin
  • Jormuntide Ignis

Every Pal I’ve come across has been level 55, so if you plan for some Pal action, I’d suggest bringing Pals that are over level 60, ranked, and enhanced.

Chest rewards from the secret Oil Rig in Palworld

The treasure chests in the Oil Rig have a host of incredible rewards and definitely have one of the best loot pools in the game.

When looting a chest from the Oil Rig in Palworld, you may find:

  • Crude Oil
  • Ancient Civilization Cores
  • Missile Ammo
  • Training Manuals (XL)
  • Schematics for powerful gear

There may also be other rewards that I haven’t managed to find, but this is enough to show just how good these loot pools are.

These chests will randomly spawn on the island, so no proper guide can be given for their location. You’ll have to ruin in and scour the place every time.

Now that you know everything about the secret poacher gang Oil Rig in Palworld, you can take it on yourself for those sweet rewards.

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