The Seven Pillars of the Diablo 3 Design

Diablo 3

As of this week Blizzard are looking for feedback in their Ask the Dev series which focuses on the v1.0.7 patch which is currently in testing on the public test realms.

Now that Blizzard are finally opening up to the community, it seems fitting that Eric over on Diablo: IncGamers takes a look back at the early design process in which Jay Wilson pointed out the main aspects of the game’s design which were that Diablo 3 had to “be approachable, have powerful heroes, be highly customizable, have great item game, be endlessly replayable, have a strong setting, and cooperative multiplayer”

Now I think you’ll agree that they came up quite short on a few of those points so Eric addresses each one in his article to find out what went wrong. There is also a poll running in which you can share your opinions in each aspect.

Read the full article on Diablo: IncGamers.

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