I’ve been a big fan of Traveler’s Tales LEGO video games ever since they first released the Lego Star Wars prequel game waaaay back in 2005. Ever since then I’ve always looked forward to hearing what the next big franchise was that would get the Lego treatment. Ever since the first Lego game I wanted them to create a Lord of the Rings Lego game based on Peter Jackson’s movies and in 2012 my prayers were answered when just such a game was released. In a world with so many mature and violent games (which is fine in moderation) I do like to take some time and entertain my inner child by playing a Lego game when the mood suits me.

In this article published by Gameoir and written by Alexavard95, you can read how the Lego video game franchise has become a well deserved house hold name amongst gamers and why it deserves the recognition. You can read the article right HERE.

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