If you don’t fancy putting shameful secrets in the new Sims 4 basements, your alternative is to turn your lower levels into swimming areas. Or ‘giant human fish tanks,’ as the effortlessly sinister official news post would have it.

Yes, today’s free update (released earlier today if The Sims 4 twitter feed is to be believed) adds various ways for you to utilise the much under-appreciated areas beneath your houses. An all-new basement tool lets you draw out a plan from the floor above.

According to the update notes, these basements can go two levels deep. One level for storing all the consumer goods you can no longer fit in the house, and one for all the dark, dark realities of the human soul. Or a bar. You know, whatever.

If you want, The Sims 4 will also let you remove basement ceilings. That’ll kind of upset anybody hoping to walk on the floor above, but does mean you can create strange, open-air houses that are just deep pits into the earth.

The official news page suggests putting a retail business in the basement too, but this would surely require a rigorous series of health and safety checks. Unless your basement is really clean, I suppose.

Peter Parrish

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