September 5th, 2017

The Sims 4 dated for September

The Sims 4 dated for September

The Sims 4 - 14

The first genuinely interesting thing from EA’s E3 press conference is the release date for The Sims 4: 2 September.

The actual discussion of The Sims 4 in the press conference was mostly a talk about personality, and how personality drives things. This didn’t actually appear to be anything hugely new… except for the part where you can pop into a shared library and import the Sims and houses of internet denizens at the click of a button, anyway. I don’t recall being able to do that with Sims last time around, but I might be wrong. Oh yes! And someone died of laughter. That’s also a bit new.

This was then followed by The Sims 4‘s release date, which is something I’m interested in. Once again, that’s 2 September, so only a few months to go.

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