The Sims 4‘s community will probably awake to quite a surprise this morning, as a new DLC for the game has leaked. Discover University, the latest expansion to grace the people management behemoth, is apparently bound for a November 15, 2020 release.

Rumors have stirred since Pixelade, a YouTuber dedicated to The Sims 4, discovered the DLC in Target’s inventory system back in September. Those suspicions have now been further bolstered by Dutch site LiveKaarten, who has added the DLC for sale.

Oh no, school again?

Based on the cover art, it seems like I need to get my Sim some new school supplies. There’s sure to be a generous slathering of college-themed goodies and new outfits, items, and university-specific missions. We’ll probably get a few new character paths and traits, as is often the case with The Sims 4 expansions. Still, nothing is set in stone as of this moment. As with previous expansions, owning this one will allow you to intermingle your other games’ “worlds” via fast travel. This allows your previous adventures to unfold in new ways by traveling, for example, to the Strangerville world.

This will mark the first official foray into academia in The Sims 4 universe. Until now, players wanting to experience everything a higher education has to offer had to resort to the Get to College mod. The modding scene for The Sims has always been gigantic and full of dedicated fans supporting their projects with frequent updates.

Will I discover who I am?

Still, this won’t be our first foray into college life. EA and Maxis, our Sims professors, have run this class before with The Sims 3‘s University Life. It allowed us to explore the world of higher education, but fans of The Sims seem to have favored the more open-ended gameplay of The Sims 3. Nevertheless, players will surely be excited to add another sliver of depth to their Sims world.

Discover University and all it has to offer on November 15, 2020. Just take it easy on the partying and remember to study, okay?

Estevan Zamora
An entrepreneur, photographer, and writer. He likes capturing beautiful images, scrubbing it up in various competitive FPS games, and browsing reddit like it's about to shut down.

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