The Sims 4 Gallery system is now in internet browser form


It’s now possible to look around at the user-created Sims 4 bits and pieces in the Gallery from the comfort of your own internet browser. EA has announced the launch of the browser-based Gallery over on The Sims 4’s official page.

Basically it seems to work a bit like the Ultimate Team app for EA’s FIFA titles; providing an out-of-game way to browse stuff and make changes to things. You’ll be able to access the Gallery from “any internet browser” and (as long as you’re also signed in to Origin) look through the full range of user created households, lots and rooms. If you’re not signed in to Origin, you’ll only be able to look at Maxis-curated bits and pieces.

You also need to be logged in to perform the most useful function, which is saving any user-created features you particularly like to your own Sims 4 game. Next time you play, they should download automatically. I say “should” because I know from experience that the Ultimate Team app is a bit iffy sometimes, so the same thing might happen with this.

The gallery can be reached through this link, and there’s a big “sign in” button in the top-right corner if you’re not already logged in to Origin.