The Sims 4 Get Together Pack Goes Wild in Windenburg

The Sims 4 Get Together Pack Goes Wild in Windenburg

I once had a girlfriend who expressed interest in playing <em>The Sims</em>. After playing the gift I purchased for her, she was frustrated and quit due to the fact that she didn’t know how to change them from speaking Spanish in-game. The experience might have been foreign to her, but at least the latest content pack for the game takes your cast of unreal characters to the semi-realistic, European-esque land of Windenburg.

<blockquote>This is the first time that players can control entire groups of Sims, and bring Sims together to participate in all-new group activities. Clubs fundamentally changes the way you control your Sims and adds a whole new dimension to The Sims 4.
<strong>–Lyndsay Pearson, Senior Producer, The Sims 4. </strong></blockquote>

The newest adventure is made possible with the addition of “Clubs” to the game. The new geography invites players to take the crew to places like the Von Haunt Estate and the Bluffs for their respective treats in topography.

<em>The Sims 4 Get Together</em> pack is now available for PC and Mac for $39.99. Click here for the <a href=””>official site</a>. You must own the original copy of the game for the DLC pack.

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