The next installment in The Sims franchise has received an unexpected 18+ rating in Russia, seemingly due to the countries anti-gay laws.

    This news was first announced from the The Sims Russian Twitter account as well as its Facebook page which said the game is not intended for children. A user called Callum9432 on the American Sims 3 forum has translated the Tweet from the Russian site which indicated that the game was getting such a high rating due to Russia’s absurd anti-gay laws.

    Supposedly the Tweet said the rating “was granted in accordance with the law number 436-FZ on the protection of children from information harmful to their health and development”.

    The mentioned law forbids the propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships. There is some hope that the rating might be changed as the rating for Sims 3 was. Every installment of The Sims so far has received a Teen rating in America.

    Source: Segmentnext

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