The Sims 4 getting ghosts, pools, and more in free updates

Ghosts have been added to The Sims 4 today, and plenty more stuff – including swimming pools – will be added to the game in free content updates soon.

An update on The Sims 4 site details Maxis’ plans for the future of the series, and you’ll be pleased to hear that those plans appear to revolve around completely free content. So far, we’ve got details on what’s coming up until the end of the year.

Today marks the release of the October update, which – fittingly, for the month of Halloween – returns ghosts to the franchise. These aren’t the ghosts you remember, though: the ghosts will maintain all of the attributes they had as a living Sim, with new behaviours based on how they died, and if you invite them to join your Sims’ household they can even become playable characters. Indeed, there might even be a way to bring them back to life…

Today’s update also includes Star Wars-themed costumes with the uniform of an X-Wing pilot, Princess Leia’s white robes and bun hairstyle, a full Yoda outfit (including mask), and Darth Vader’s suit all available for your Sims. There are also a number of things requested by the community added, including new eye colours, so if you’ve been wanting to dye some eyeballs you can now go wild.

And the rest of the year? Well, November brings back pools, which… actually, that’s possibly the least fitting time to add pools. HEY EVERYBODY IT’S WINTER, LET’S GO LEAP INTO FREEZING COLD WATER. Finally, December will be focused on work, adding in new Career paths and new rewards.

The first update for The Sims 4 – that’s the one with ghosts, in case you’ve forgotten already – should be live now. Just log into Origin and download the patch, and you should be good to go with ghosts.

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